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Mr. Robert Doares

"Presenting the Life of Christ in Art."

Mr. Robert Doares




All Robert Doares prints made available through this Website are Giclee prints.  "Giclee" (zhee-clay) is a French term meaning "spray of ink".  Giclee prints represent the very best in reproduction technology for fine artwork.  The Giclee printing process results in prints that are virtually indistinguishable from the original painting.  These prints are museum quality and are the only option for the serious collector who does not have the good fortune to own an original.

As you tour our Gallery pages, you will be shown which paintings we currently offer as Giclee prints.  You can click on the images offered for sale and you will be taken to the ordering page.  More Giclee prints will be offered soon.  If you are interested in having a Giclee print made for one of Robert Doares' works which is not currently offered for sale, please contact us.  In many cases, we can have a Giclee made to order.





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